A busy summer!

By ruth | September 05, 2017

Equilibrium Dynamics once again partnered with the amazing folks at the Minority Training Program in Cancer Control Research, MTPCCR, a joint program run at UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, San Francisco and UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, Los Angeles. The successful program aims to increase diversity in the field of cancer disparities research, encouraging minorities, students or professionals, to pursue a doctoral degree and career in research.

Ruth Thomas-Squance, PhD, MPH, Executive Director and EQD teacher, travelled to UCLA and UCSF to work with students in two workshops in ‘Staying the Course: emotional intelligence skills for the graduate journey.’


“Working with these students is inspiring,” said Dr. Thomas-Squance, “they bring great energy and curiosity to the workshops. MTPCCR is carrying out such crucial work in improving representation among professionals in cancer control and research.  So having the opportunity for EQD to help these students stay on track for doctoral work using Emotional Intelligence skills is very exciting.”


In addition, Dr. Thomas-Squance, represented EQD at a new collaboration, working with a replication of the MTPCCR program for Latino students and professionals, led by Amelie Ramirez, DrPH, and funded by a National Cancer Institute grant to the University of Texas Health Science Center, at San Antonio.

At UCSF, Sara Heron, an EQD teacher and Child Psychiatrist at BACA (Bay Area Children’s Association) continued this collaboration working with a subset of the MTPCCR students who participated in paid internships over the summer. During the internship cohort meeting Dr. Heron focused on student-directed issues using the Equilibrium Dynamics framework. 


Across the country, Jabari Jones MD, Psychiatrist and EQD Director of Community Partnerships, led a workshop in New York, on the use of dreams to improve your personal insight, creativity and problem solving ability. 


The participants loved the workshop and easily grasped how powerful dream interpretation using the Dream Interview Method can be as a tool to improve self-awareness and enhance personal development. “We all dream, and our dreams can give us important information that if explored can help us grow in many ways and become more creative.” commented Dr. Jones, “The scope of the EQD curriculum is extraordinary, and by proactively applying the principles to our lives, we achieve excellence.”


Unlocking the secrets of your dreams

By ruth | May 19, 2017

Join Dr. Jabari Jones, Psychiatrist, Personal and Professional Development Educator and Trainer in the EQD curriculum for a workshop on using your dreams to improve your personal insight, your creativity and problem solving ability.


Another successful training session wrapped this month as the 2017 'Training the Trainers' workshops series came to an end.

Thanks to all the participants for their contributions and hard work that went toward creating a wonderful learning atmosphere.

To anyone interested in joining the mailing list for future training opportunities, email contact@eqdynamics.org with 'Training list' in the subject title.



Training the Trainers

By ruth | January 02, 2017

The integration of social and emotional intelligence skills is known in business and psychology as Emotional Competence. 

Equilibrium Dynamics is excited to be offering limited spaces to those interested in participating in our ‘Training the Trainers’ Emotional Competence Workshop Series based in San Francisco and starting in January 2017.

The 5-month program will offer the opportunity for you to nurture your own emotional competence and begin to develop best practices to facilitate self-awareness and professional growth in others.

Training consists of large and small group sessions interspersed with hands on assignments and pair work.

Find out more here, and apply by Friday January 15th  2017

EQD joins working army group

By ruth | October 20, 2016

As a representative of Equilibrium Dynamics, Loma Flowers, MD received an invitation from the US Army on behalf of General Mark A. Milley, Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA), and Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, Director of the U.S. Army Capabilities Integration Center, to participate in the Unified Quest 2016 Human Dimension Working Group.

Held in September at the Center for Strategic Leadership & Development, U.S. Army War College, Pennsylvania, “Unified Quest (UQ) 2016” is the Chief of Staff of the Army's Title 10 future study plan designed to explore strategic and operational challenges in order to identify issues and explore solutions critical to current and future force development. The event is unique and focuses on the required human capabilities of the future soldier of 2050.


EQD’s participation is consistent with our commitment to developing emotional intelligence skills training in support of active duty and reservist military personnel, vets and their families.

It was a fascinating week with an impressive group of over 80 hard working professionals, men and women, military and civilian, with diverse expertise and wide experience in varied fields.  Dr. Flowers worked in the ‘Social Group’ with about 20 others whose backgrounds ranged from social psychology and human capital development to military history as well as professional soldiers. Their task was to synthesize and prioritize which significant trends in their areas of expertise they judged would affect the recruitment, training and effectiveness of the US army’s ability to protect US interests abroad and at home, in 2050.

While this represents a long process and this extraordinary week in rural Pennsylvania was only one small piece, Equilibrium Dynamics is nonetheless honored to bring the perspective of Emotional Competence to the US Army table. Our focus, of course, is the soldiers and their emotional health before, during and after service.

We hope that we have helped make a step in the right direction

EQ Dynamics Heads East

By ruth | August 24, 2016

July 2016 saw Equilibrium Dynamics working with an inspiring group of educators at the Teaching Firm of America (TFOA) in 3 days of workshops, 'Building Emotional Competence Using the Equilibrium Dynamics Model.'

TFOA is a Brooklyn, New York based Charter School with a mission to prepare their students for professional careers and community and global leadership.  The school is proud of its student-centered approach to education, with social emotional development a cornerstone of their curriculum. 

EQD trainers, Loma Flowers, MD, Ruth Thomas-Squance, PhD and Jabari Jones, MD, worked with the faculty and staff at the school.  Participants were interested in enhancing their Emotional Competence skills for application in the workplace, with colleagues, students and mentees as well as in their personal lives.


Daily evaluations indicated that 99% of the responding participants stated that the workshops would help them meet their responsibilities in the future. This confirms that EQD is on track with empowering individuals and increasing public practice of emotional competence.

Jabari Jones, MD, Director of Community Partnerships at EQD said, “Facilitating the workshop was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. The staff at TFOA are phenomenal. The workshops were fun and exciting, and made for a very creative learning experience for both the participants and trainers alike.”


Top rated nonprofit for second year in a row!

By ruth | November 21, 2014

Equilibrium Dynamics achieved another 2014 Top-Rated Nonprofit Award from Greatnonprofits.org, a leading provider of user reviews about nonprofit organizations.

 “This is a great way to wrap up 2014 which has been another busy and exciting year for our organization,” says Ruth Thomas-Squance, Executive Director of Equilibrium Dynamics. “We’ve worked with amazing people and organizations this year such as UCSF: their PostBacs, nurse practitioners, minorities interested in research and medical students interested in health disparities. Also Seneca’s Youths-at-Risk Group Home Care and Veterans to name a few. We’re also excited at the prospect of extending our reach with a new online teaching module in development.”

Equilibrium Dynamics will be added to GreatNonprofits #GivingTuesday Guide—an interactive guide to top nonprofits throughout the years. Look for this near the holidays.

“People with direct experience of Equilibrium Dynamics have voted that the organization is making a real difference” said Perla Ni, CEO of GreatNonprofits

People posted their personal experience of Equilibrium Dynamics as “a very well-run organization that made it easy to communicate with and get set up with a training that fit our students’ needs.”

Another reported, “[Equilibrium Dynamics] does amazing work! The information they share is life changing”.

Being on the Top-Rated list gives donors and volunteers more confidence that this is a credible organization and is a wonderful form of recognition by the community.

Read more of our reviews at  http://greatnonprofits.org/org/equilibrium-dynamics


EQD 'Going Mobile' Fundraising Campaign

By ruth | December 02, 2013

EQD is proud to be participating in this year's #Giving Tuesday and listed on the Great Non-Profits #Giving Tuesday guide.

#GivingTuesday is a special call to action that proves the holidays can be both about giving and giving back. #GivingTuesday was created as a national day of philanthropy to inspire giving every day.

Equilibrium Dynamics invites you to join this movement and consider helping us as we launch our fundraising campaign around two exciting programs.

A new publication for Equilibrium Dynamics

By ruth | November 18, 2013

Equilibrium Dynamics is delighted to announce that they have achieved another peer-reviewed publication published in the Journal of Interprofessional Care. The articled titled, Interprofessional social and emotional intelligence skills training: study finding and key lessons by L.K. Flowers, R.Thomas-Squance, J.E. Brainin-Rodriguez and A.K.Yancey

In the article we describe the EQD curriculum training as applied to Public Health and our experiences teaching it during our pilot Emotional Comptence Specialist Training program, held at UCLA School of Public Health in 2010, with our collaborator and co-author, the late Prof. Toni Yancey.

Further details of the article can be found here.

EQD receives 2013 top-rated non-profit Award

By ruth | September 27, 2013

“We are excited to be named a Top-Rated 2013 Nonprofit,” says Dr Ruth Thomas-Squance, Executive Director of Equilibrium Dynamics. We are proud of our accomplishments this year, including the successful completion of our third Emotional Competence Specialist Training course and peer-reviewed publication of our work in the Journal of Interprofessional Care.”

 The Top-Rated Nonprofit award was based on the large number of positive reviews that Equilibrium Dynamics received – reviews written by volunteers, donors and clients. People posted their personal experience with the nonprofit.  For example, “It's an incredible organization run by people with hearts of gold. They are changing lives, one person at a time!”

EQD’s emotional intelligence training has been described as a ‘hands-on, and broadly applicable curriculum, which resonates for people of all ages and walks of life”

“The tools offered are extremely practical and the training provides a platform for learning how to employ the tools for the right situation.”

While the Top-Rated Awards run through the end of October, EQD was part of the inaugural group to qualify for the year.

“Savvy donors want to see the impact of their donations more than ever,” said Perla Ni, CEO of GreatNonprofits, “People with direct experience with EQD have voted that the organization is making a real difference.” 

Being on the Top-Rated list gives donors and volunteers more confidence that this is a credible organization.  The reviews by volunteers, clients and other donors show the on-the-ground results of this nonprofit.  This award is a form of recognition by the community.

Read our reviews here http://greatnonprofits.org/org/equilibrium-dynamics