Equilibrium Dynamics once again partnered with the amazing folks at the Minority Training Program in Cancer Control Research, MTPCCR, a joint program run at UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, San Francisco and UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, Los Angeles. The successful program aims to increase diversity in the field of cancer disparities research, encouraging minorities, students or professionals, to pursue a doctoral degree and career in research.

Ruth Thomas-Squance, PhD, MPH, Executive Director and EQD teacher, travelled to UCLA and UCSF to work with students in two workshops in ‘Staying the Course: emotional intelligence skills for the graduate journey.’


“Working with these students is inspiring,” said Dr. Thomas-Squance, “they bring great energy and curiosity to the workshops. MTPCCR is carrying out such crucial work in improving representation among professionals in cancer control and research.  So having the opportunity for EQD to help these students stay on track for doctoral work using Emotional Intelligence skills is very exciting.”


In addition, Dr. Thomas-Squance, represented EQD at a new collaboration, working with a replication of the MTPCCR program for Latino students and professionals, led by Amelie Ramirez, DrPH, and funded by a National Cancer Institute grant to the University of Texas Health Science Center, at San Antonio.

At UCSF, Sara Heron, an EQD teacher and Child Psychiatrist at BACA (Bay Area Children’s Association) continued this collaboration working with a subset of the MTPCCR students who participated in paid internships over the summer. During the internship cohort meeting Dr. Heron focused on student-directed issues using the Equilibrium Dynamics framework. 


Across the country, Jabari Jones MD, Psychiatrist and EQD Director of Community Partnerships, led a workshop in New York, on the use of dreams to improve your personal insight, creativity and problem solving ability. 


The participants loved the workshop and easily grasped how powerful dream interpretation using the Dream Interview Method can be as a tool to improve self-awareness and enhance personal development. “We all dream, and our dreams can give us important information that if explored can help us grow in many ways and become more creative.” commented Dr. Jones, “The scope of the EQD curriculum is extraordinary, and by proactively applying the principles to our lives, we achieve excellence.”


|| September 5, 2017