July 2016 saw Equilibrium Dynamics working with an inspiring group of educators at the Teaching Firm of America (TFOA) in 3 days of workshops, 'Building Emotional Competence Using the Equilibrium Dynamics Model.'

TFOA is a Brooklyn, New York based Charter School with a mission to prepare their students for professional careers and community and global leadership.  The school is proud of its student-centered approach to education, with social emotional development a cornerstone of their curriculum. 

EQD trainers, Loma Flowers, MD, Ruth Thomas-Squance, PhD and Jabari Jones, MD, worked with the faculty and staff at the school.  Participants were interested in enhancing their Emotional Competence skills for application in the workplace, with colleagues, students and mentees as well as in their personal lives.


Daily evaluations indicated that 99% of the responding participants stated that the workshops would help them meet their responsibilities in the future. This confirms that EQD is on track with empowering individuals and increasing public practice of emotional competence.

Jabari Jones, MD, Director of Community Partnerships at EQD said, “Facilitating the workshop was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. The staff at TFOA are phenomenal. The workshops were fun and exciting, and made for a very creative learning experience for both the participants and trainers alike.”


|| August 24, 2016