As a representative of Equilibrium Dynamics, Loma Flowers, MD received an invitation from the US Army on behalf of General Mark A. Milley, Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA), and Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, Director of the U.S. Army Capabilities Integration Center, to participate in the Unified Quest 2016 Human Dimension Working Group.

Held in September at the Center for Strategic Leadership & Development, U.S. Army War College, Pennsylvania, “Unified Quest (UQ) 2016” is the Chief of Staff of the Army's Title 10 future study plan designed to explore strategic and operational challenges in order to identify issues and explore solutions critical to current and future force development. The event is unique and focuses on the required human capabilities of the future soldier of 2050.


EQD’s participation is consistent with our commitment to developing emotional intelligence skills training in support of active duty and reservist military personnel, vets and their families.

It was a fascinating week with an impressive group of over 80 hard working professionals, men and women, military and civilian, with diverse expertise and wide experience in varied fields.  Dr. Flowers worked in the ‘Social Group’ with about 20 others whose backgrounds ranged from social psychology and human capital development to military history as well as professional soldiers. Their task was to synthesize and prioritize which significant trends in their areas of expertise they judged would affect the recruitment, training and effectiveness of the US army’s ability to protect US interests abroad and at home, in 2050.

While this represents a long process and this extraordinary week in rural Pennsylvania was only one small piece, Equilibrium Dynamics is nonetheless honored to bring the perspective of Emotional Competence to the US Army table. Our focus, of course, is the soldiers and their emotional health before, during and after service.

We hope that we have helped make a step in the right direction

|| October 20, 2016