Feeling Good About Goodbye

Contributed by Michelle Coy, MSW student 2016, Behavioral Consultant with Bay Area Behavioral Connection and Certified Trainer with Equilibrium Dynamics

When it came to interacting with others, I had always thought about first impressions, building a rapport, and maintaining relations…I had never put much thought into the goodbye and parting of ways. They can be so awkward, uncomfortable, and not so much fun to think about.

After the Equilibrium Dynamics’ training regarding goodbye, I got to thinking about its function. It’s a crucial component to human interactions; all relationships will experience some amount of closure; and now, I’ve come to terms with that.  I’d even go so far as to say that my relationships have improved because of goodbye.

Life and relationships…they both feel a little freer and taste a little sweeter when I’m willing to let go.

|| February 21, 2014