Finding Time to Connect Emotionally

If you’re feeling down or drained, it’s time to focus on what EQD calls “refueling” or “recharging” yourself—especially during this hectic time of year.  Often, we spend hours on the computer for work and for fun, as well as on our smart phones.  The time we spend staring at these screens keeps us from building connections with the people and pets around us.  A recent study published by Quartz at provided stunning data on the number of minutes we spend on the computer rather than with friends and family.  For 2011, the average American only spent 37 minutes a day “socializing with people offline.”  

This means we’re not getting the most out of our relationships.  Building more time into your schedule for face-to-face interactions can increase the amount of “high-octane fuel” available in your life.  This could include spending time with a close friend who makes you laugh a lot or asking for hugs when you need them from your loved ones.  These emotional connections can energize and inspire us!  

Staring at a screen is often draining not only for your computer battery but also for you emotionally and physically.  Since your computer screen does not blink at you, we tend to blink less when we are looking at screens.  Many of us have dry eyes as a result.  Also, if we don’t make time to build real emotional connections, we are more likely to get overwhelmed or somaticize, which can lead to more headaches or muscle pain.  I’d much rather ask for more hugs now than get stressed out and end up with a cold in a couple of months!  It’s all about prevention.

Don’t forget to:

  •  Schedule time for real play dates.
  • Set up a weekly or monthly lunch date with a cherished friend.
  • Ask for hugs when you need them from friends and family.
  • Remember that social media connections are less powerful than emotional connections with people you can touch. 

Contributed by Alicia Nimonkar,  

Editor and Writer with, Certified Trainer with Equilibrium Dynamics

|| November 11, 2013