Empowerment through Emotional education and training

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Empowerment through Emotional eduction and training



This Adult Edition of the syllabus is written for adults to understand the invisible principles, concepts and dynamics underlying the rules and strategies we choose to use to manage our emotions. These skills are essential for successful in our personal and professional lives and go a long way to increasing our contentment.



This syllabus is designed to help college students transition smoothly into adulthood with a basic outline of the emotional concepts you will need to empower you to succeed through your college experience. The skills will aid your decision making from choosing classes to careers and help you to move on confidently to the next steps in your life.

Elementary School Workbook


This workbook is designed for elementary age students and covers fundamental principles and concept of emotional intelligence. Developed in collaboration with a child psychiatrist, the workbook (about 70 pages long) contains the basic concepts in order to facilitate children’s personal development along with multiple exercise and projects for discussion. Although designed for children who can read and write, the same materials can be introduced to non-reading children by using verbal cues and inviting verbal and non-verbal replies to the material.



As extensive research now shows, many issues inherent in teaching, learning and productivity are emotionally based. This pragmatic professional development curriculum provides guidance on emotional intelligence skill development in order to support productive careers for faculty.

Health Care


This curriculum is designed to facilitate rapid development of professional emotional intelligence skills for health care practitioners as students or professionals. Development of these skills will allow you to enjoy an extremely high degree of self-reliance and simultaneously the skills to seek effective help the instant you need it. This can reduce your stress as well as enrich your personal life and support team and individual treatment of your patients or clients through sophisticated relationship skills.

High School


This curriculum teaches emotional intelligence skills to allow students to shape their own lives constructively and get in the driver’s seat of their personal development from an early age. Students are taught how to recognize their own emotional dynamics, name their feelings and apply related principles and concepts to their everyday life behaviors and choices.



Parenting success often depends on your clarity and management of values and goals for both your family and children. Many parents are educated and trained for their jobs or profession but do not devote as much time to their emotional and behavioral skills. This curriculum provides guidance in developing skills to sidestep common pitfalls using emotionally based empowerment skills to enhance emotional intelligence for you and your family.



Although therapists are taught a great deal about emotions and psychodynamics in professional schools, it is usually pathology based and about other people--their clients or patients. This booklet allows therapists the opportunity to explore their own normal dynamics and increase their mindfulness about their everyday emotional intelligence skills which impact all their relationships with others, whether colleagues, patients, family or friends.