Training the Trainers 2018

An emotional intelligence blended -learning course presented by Equilibrium Dynamics

How can you help talented individuals from all backgrounds face their personal, interpersonal and professional challenges with emotional clarity, balance & strength?

Emotional intelligence is the skilled management of emotions for constructive outcomes and actions that has been effectively exploited in the business world for over 20 years.

By participating in this blended learning course, you can nurture your own emotional intelligence and begin to develop best practice skills in order to facilitate self-awareness and professional growth in others.

Who We Seek

We are seeking individuals who want to extend their ability to offer support or mentorship to others (clients, patients, or students) from low income or historically underserved communities. A willingness to reflect on your own personal and professional path, as well as openness to exploring some of your own key emotional competence challenges, will form the foundation for your involvement.

Program Description

  • Training begins March 2018 and consists of 4 workshops, split into 2 x online sessions and 2 x one-day in-person sessions over a 1 month period as well as additional coaching through practice in pairs with fellow trainees.

Mar 24th  9 - 11am   [Online Session]

April 7th  9 - 4pm [In Person Session, San Francisco]

April 8th  9 - 4pm [In Person Session, San Francisco]

April 28th 9 - 11am [Online Session]

  • Written and recorded homework assignments will be carefully reviewed with individual and group feedback to enhance learning. As you are developing your emotional intelligence coaching skills, you will be simultaneously practicing them with your own mentees or clients as part of your training.
  • You will receive training and guidance from accomplished experts in order to cultivate strategies for guiding emotional health and wellbeing. The training program and curriculum is focused on six major areas of emotional empowerment: emotional literacy, self-awareness, self-development, relationships, self-responsibility and reflection. 


Tuition and Scholarships

The tuition for the program is $600 and includes the EQD Emotional Comeptence Curriculum booklet ($30 value) and the online EQ-i assessment (emotional intelligence assessment, $60 value) with an additional coaching report.

Scholarships are available and anyone who would like to learn the curriculum but has limited ability to pay should contact us as soon as possible ( Preference for is given to Bay Area non-profit organizations or individuals whose work aligns with the Equilibrium Dynamics mission. 

To Apply

To be considered for this program please send us (i) a short statement of interest (ii) two outcomes you wish to achieve and (iii) your curriculum vitae, resume or an introductory statement to by March 4th 2018. Space is limited.