Would you like a better understanding of emotional intelligence and how it impacts your family? 

Emotions drive behavior and communications.

As parents or guardian, you are in the unique role of managing both your own emotional intelligence skills while nurturing and guiding the emerging skills of a younger person at the same time. That’s a challenge.

Research indicates that Emotional Intelligence, also known as Social Emotional Learning improves academic success of students who stay in school longer and make healthier decisions.

Feeling trapped by the obligations of being a parent, working and personal life? This Time Management tool can help you begin to take charge of your time.

Managing our emotions well becomes a good model for our children. The  Equilibrium Dynamics’ Feeling Management steps can help.

Finding it hard to meet your budget? Struffling to keep expenses down? This Money tool can assist you in taking control of your money.

If you are anticipating an empty nest, download the Equilibrium Dynamics' Goodbye checklist as a guideline for your child and yourself.

You can purchase the Equilibrium Dynamics Emotional Competence Curriculum for Parents or sign up to learn more about our training opportunities.


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