Would you like to improve your self-care and practice? 

Feeling drained by your clinical work? Finding it challenging to manage your "difficult" cases?  The Equilibrium Dynamics’ Feeling Management steps can help you process and re-engage.

Termination can be tough and is always an important proces. The Equilibrium Dynamics' Goodbye checklist can be a helpful guideline for you and your patients/clients. 

Why not start to improve your emotional competence right away with this free journaling exercise?

If you are interested in learning about Emotional Competence as a foundation for Emotional Intelligence skills development, the Equilibrium Dynamics’ curriculum allows you to learn practical approaches to dealing with Emotional Intelligence issues encountered in therapists training and practice.

You can purchase the Equilibrium Dynamics Emotional Competence Curriculum for Therapists or sign up to learn more about our training opportunities.

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