The rapidly evolving changes to health care systems require adaptability and flexibility in all health care professionals. 

We provide introductory lectures and seminars for students and faculty as well as health organizations and corporations.

Past presentations:

  • Prime Program Medical Students, UCSFEmotional Intelligence Skills Workshop - 'Finding and Working with Mentors.'
  • Glide Health Services, UCSF and UCLA Schools of Nursing - An Emotional Competence Course for Nurse Practitioners’ Residency.
  • Lifelong Medical Care, Oakland Clinic - ‘Emotional Balance for Professionals.’ 
  • UCSF medical students -  Workshop on 'African American Health Care disparities from an Emotional Competence Perspective.' 
  •  Psychiatry residents at CPMC, San Francisco - a presentation on ‘Cultural Competence’.
  •  PROF-PATH students at UCSF  - ‘Emotional Competence Training’ for students participating in the NIH/NIMHHD funded program which provides research and academic career development for health professions students from health disparity populations and students interested in health disparities research.
  • Kaiser Permanente National Diversity Conference

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